I currently hold the position of researcher-teacher at Esigelec (engineering school near Rouen, in France) in the Pôle Instrumentation Informatique et Systèmes. In the same time, I lead a thesis (Ph.D) with the IMCCE (Observatoire de Paris), in the Astrometry and Planetology team, under the direction of J-E Arlot & V. Lainey.

My teachings deal with developing embedded systems and instrumentation systems for engineering students (3 years cycle, up to Master Degree diploma). My work is also to supervise the students during their training (dual apprenticeship school / business, projects, etc.).
Furthermore I'm doing courses of microprocessors applications to foreign students (majoritarily Indians and Chinese) who are in Universities partnership for master of sciences.

I've contributed to some research programs (GRR EM | Grands Réseaux de Recherche,énergie, élecronique et Matériaux, Interreg IVA, Rapid | Direction Générale de l'Armement), such as :
  • Implementation of a platform dedicated to "vision" studies
     Scene reconstruction | DxO Analyser | 3D reconstruction (ViCON Sys.)
  • Technological watch on vision & associated resources
     Overview on the new sensor technologies
  • Multispectral vision system
     Multiphysics simulations
  • Vehicle instrumentation
     Hardware integration | camera | LIDAR
  • Biometric nomadic
     Catadioptric sensing (face recognition, pedestrian detection)
  • Photometric / Astrometric studies
     Data reduction and analysis
  • Modelling of detection conditions and associated processing
     Atmospheric models integration with differents sensors to determine specifics criterions (impact on the result)
  • Multiples testing related to the visible and near-infrared range sensors
     InGaAs | VisGas | EmCCD | CMOS | CCD | Application for Stellar Sensor

 Before :

    More than 12 years like network administrator, including 5 years as IT manager (up to 1500 nodes, 500 users, 25 physicals servers).
    Sucessful internationnal experiences (USA, Holland for an electronic manufacturer, and Italy for an chemical industry) in the field of telecom, manage various industrial projects.
    Since 2009 in the field of research and development
  • Abilities to manage a team and associated projects (ex. SLA, Contractors)
  • Trained in the trade negotiation
  • Friendly with corporate applications

 Specialities :

  • Image sensors technologies
  • Image sensors testing and characterization
  • C / java programming
  • Customer technical support
  • Image processing algorithms (analysis, data mining and reporting)
  • Image enhancement algorithms
  • Embedded system prototyping and integration
  • Modeling with spreadsheet (MS-Excel®)

 Others skills :

  • Data networking design, security and management networks
  • Wireless (Wifi, GSM, DECT) applications
  • Telecoms architecture (Ethernet, VoIP, Firewalling)
  • Experienced in communication protocols (high with TCP/IP, routing)
  • Systems Administration (OS | NOS) - Windows®, UNIX®, VMWare
  • Research and numerical computations (Computer Science)
  • Microprocessors and low level programming

  • not to mention hiking, swimming and bike !

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