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· TIARE is a free Astronomical Ressources & Ephemeris for TI® calculators ·

  In first point, sorry for all the part wasn't translated but a lot of scripts are in french and I can't translate all simply.

All start when I've decided to buy a new calcultor in replacement of my HP-48... The TI-92+ have a good processor (Motorola 68000), and arround 10 years ago I've learn to program it (dear, I'm not sure to remember how ?! ;o)
Unfortunatly this calculator know only the BASIC language, and it's a bit slow to compute a complex (for me !) astronomicals algorithms, also I've decided to use TIGCC (you can find it here, thanks all the team). Today the project was started, and I hope that enjoy it, but I need some help to perform a very good tool for astronomers' amaters !

All functionnalties aren't completly (and never be ;o) closed, but the more important was the description for the major planets (like distance, apparent diameter, Coords, ...) with a modular functionalities.

In the [Download] section you'll find the compiled application (for TI89, TI92/92+, and V200) AND the source code.
             NEW What's new :
New 22 XII 2005 : TIARE 0.06 Beta 2 - minor bug correction, new documentation
- 29 VII 2005 : TIARE 0.06 Beta 1 - adding Mars view
- 03 VI 2005 : TIARE 0.05 Beta 3 - (gfx's drawing improvements)